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Hi my name is Tori, and I've been a little inspired.

I am a designer and a story-teller. My work is a narrative that observes relationships between modern society, the individual, identity, and the environment. I am inspired by the truth and meaning behind a work of art--understanding that every mark of a design is used for an underlying and intended narration. My own story draws influence from modern movements like minimalism, absorbing style from artists such as Nicholas Barclay and Josh Brill. I strive for clean and minimalist design aesthetics that communicate a clear story through a foundational development process. This process begins traditionally with concept design on a pen to paper medium before developing into a digital exploration.

My design solutions are focused around user experience, ensuring that the intended target audience is reached and engaged. To achieve these solutions, the process begins with a concept and research into the audience and culture of the users. In my practice, I have found that creating a connection to the user and the process strengthens the narrative of the design.

I have had many opportunities as a young designer to understand the impact that art has on the culture and corporate identity of the world around us. This observation has become a driving motivation for me to pursue my career as a designer to ensure that there will always be a need for growing and creative minds.

I'd love the opportunity to reach out and collaborate on projects or designs! Contact me with any questions or comments. Contact me for Freelancing rates.